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We source quality alternative investments for high-net-worth individuals. Scouring the globe for the best opportunities – with a particular focus on the fixed-income space – our London-based boutique division matches you to products that provide high yields over a short timeframe. Diversifying your portfolio and balancing return and risk, we give you the best of both worlds.

  • Consistent Returns of Up to 18% Per Annum

    Consistent Returns of Up to 18% Per Annum

    Uncorrelated to traditional markets

  • A Short, Set Term

    A Short, Set Term

    Typically between 1 and 2 years

  • Choice of Payment Options

    Choice of Payment Options

    Monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual

  • Robust Security Structures

    Robust Security Structures

    From debenture loans to performance guarantors and more

  • 100% Track Record

    100% Track Record

    Our partners have never defaulted on a payment

  • Proven Model

    Proven Model

    That consistently outperforms others

Explore the Possibilities of Fixed Income

Our easy-to-use investment comparison calculator shows the returns you can expect when you choose a fixed-income opportunity at Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investments Division.

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      What We Offer

      Searching for consistent and reliable investments – those that deliver steady returns over a short timeframe to keep your longer-term financial plans on track while markets are turbulent? Investments in traditional asset classes such as stock and cash are unpredictable. Let our dedicated division help you navigate the world of alternative investments.

      We’re not interested in the mass market, and we’re not fixed to a single product or asset type. Instead, we partner with leading companies to bring you a handpicked selection of bespoke, alternative investments – encompassing fixed-income bonds as well as other evolving and exciting opportunities – spanning asset classes from commercial and luxury property to natural resources to litigation funding.

      The Short-term Alternative Investments You Need

      We’re sticklers for due diligence – only bringing you opportunities from companies with a proven track record, a vastly experienced board, significant assets and robust security structures.

      Explore Investments

      In the Way That You Need Them

      Our stand-out luxury service is tailored to your needs. Totally transparent at every stage, we’ll always go the extra mile to make a bespoke recommendation that matches your financial circumstances and goals.

      Explore Investments

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      Ready to find out more? Simply book a call with one of our experts at a time that suits you. It’s completely free and there’s no obligation to go ahead.

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