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Part of the Hays Mews Capital Group, our London-based Alternative Investment Division source top-tier alternative investments – including fixed-income bonds – for high-net-worth investors.

The Investments You Need

We source bespoke, short-term opportunities – both fixed-income and an evolving variety of high-yielding opportunities – and deliver them with outstanding service that revolves around you.

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In the Way That You Need Them

Having worked in big investment banks and wealth management companies, we’ve accumulated experience of the financial services industry totalling over 100 years. However, we prefer the personal, friendly approach of our boutique environment – and the benefits that this enables us to deliver.

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How We Source Alternative Investments

We scour the globe for best-in-class short-term investments – both fixed-income bonds and an evolving variety of exciting alternative products.

We’re a boutique firm, so we don’t recommend mass market products – and we’re not tied to a particular asset type.

Plus, we only partner with companies with a long-standing and unblemished track record, those that have never defaulted on a repayment. Our robust due diligence process involves sector screening and accounts analysis – we seek out businesses with significant assets whose board of directors have hundreds of years’ combined experience.


Matching You to an Investment

Based in the heart of London’s Mayfair, our specialist division matches you to short-term investment opportunities in the alternatives space: those that provide above-benchmark returns and outperform other products.

Our handpicked investments aren’t part of traditional asset classes like stocks or government bonds – fixed-income bonds pay a fixed return over a set timeframe, while other opportunities offer a diverse range of benefits.

With a 100% track record on repayments, our products deliver, regardless of inflation, political instability or fluctuations in the market.

Short-term Investments, Long-term Relationships

The success of our recommendations – and our bespoke, straight-talking approach – makes investing with us an experience like no other. As a result, a huge proportion of our clients come back to us, time after time. We love that we’re able to continue to recommend products to match your needs.

Bringing security, stability and diversity to your investment portfolio, our alternative short-term products provide consistently strong returns and high security – helping you to achieve financial goals, despite challenges happening elsewhere.

Our Companies

We’re part of the Hays Mews Capital Group. Specialising in world-class service and tailored solutions, we help retail and institutional investors grow their wealth.

Wealth Management Division

Based in London, our Wealth Management Division provides bespoke strategies that protect and grow the wealth of high-net-worth investors – along with luxury service that’s aligned with your individual needs.

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Fixed Income Division

Our Geneva office focuses exclusively on alternative investment opportunities in the fixed-income space for institutional and qualified investors.

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Intelligent and innovative, our expert team scours the globe to bring you alternative investment opportunities from best-in-class providers – those that deliver significant returns over a set timeframe with no management fees.


You can count on us. We’re totally transparent at every stage of the investment process. We provide exceptional service that’s tailored to your needs. And our specialist investments combine reliable returns with robust security to give you absolute peace of mind.


From first call to introductory meeting and post-investment communication, every interaction you have with us is characterised by warmth and friendliness – one of many reasons that our clients choose to invest with us, time after time.

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