Guests Impressed at Inaugural Event

Guests Impressed at Inaugural Event

Elena Schaffter

Elena Schaffter  -  5th March 2024

On 29th February, we hosted the first of a series of exclusive events at Beau-Rivage Genève, where litigation funding specialists Greenpark Global and leading Australian law firm William Roberts Lawyers joined us to explore the lucrative opportunities presented by litigation financing.

Read on to discover our key takeaways from A Better Way To Invest – and learn more about investment opportunities at Greenpark Global, exclusively available via Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division.

“I’ve never invested in litigation but following the presentation I am tempted to do so”

Our exclusive, invite-only event was attended at full capacity. Around 30 asset managers, chief investment officers, directors and relationship managers, all interested in the concept of litigation finance as an asset class, joined us for a day of educational enlightenment. Before we turn to the content of the presentations, let’s cut to the chase. What did guests think of the day?

We’re delighted to report that the feedback so far has been fantastic. As one attendee put it: “Very interesting topic – I’ve never invested in litigation but following the presentation I am tempted to do so and am awaiting the documentation.”

Another commented: “Oliver Gayner’s thoroughness in answering questions about diversification of investment in cases was outstanding.”

“A significant chunk of attendees have already indicated their intention to attend upcoming events, where other Hays Mews Capital partner providers will explore opportunities in the alternative and fixed-income space, “ said Elena Schaffter, Director of Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division. “We see that as a true barometer for the success of the day.”

Guests enjoyed fabulous feasting in sumptuous surroundings

What did the day involve? Well, of course attendees has the chance to listen to presentations about litigation funding and the exclusive opportunities available via Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division. More on that below.

However, we’re not just about giving investors access to lucrative alternative investment opportunities. We’re also committed to making your experience with us exceptional. It’s this determination to create something special that inspired our decision to stage our A Better Way To Invest events.

Far removed from sterile or dreary conference environments, our day was steeped in luxury and packed with little details designed to differentiate us from the multitude of alternative investment specialists. (Think luxury tote bags, for example!)

Attendees were welcomed with aperitifs before sitting down to a delicious 3-course feast created by Beau-Rivage Executive Chef Mathieu Croze. Unsurprisingly, the food has been universally praised in the feedback we’ve received. Guests were also impressed with the landmark luxury, stunning location and welcoming atmosphere at Beau-Rivage, described simply by one attendee as “amazing.”

“It was our goal to give our guests a memorable day,” explained Mark Butcher, Hays Mews Capital Co-Founder Director. “The incredible surroundings and delicious food contributed to their overall experience, as did the engaging and informative presentations by Greenpark Global and William Roberts Lawyers.”

Exciting opportunities to unlock ROI including fixed returns of 10.25% per annum

Let’s turn to speakers themselves. For those not yet in the know, litigation funding is a well-established alternative asset class, with the global market projected to be worth $25.8 billion by 2030.

Keynote speaker David Simms is the Director of Institutional Investments at Greenpark Global, a litigation funding specialist, and one of an elite handful of providers to have passed the stringent Hays Mews Capital due diligence process.

Greenpark Global have a flawless track record. They’ve offered 35 products in the last 5 years and have invested over $50 million with zero loss. David told attendees how Greenpark Global leverage their global partnerships and extensive experience to give investors access to high-quality opportunities – including the AUDACIA CAP IE “Serie 28” Balqis Fixed Income Bond, which offers fixed returns of 10.25% per annum over a 3-year period – as well as equity participation for investors that meet the required thresholds.

Cases are identified for investment through Greenpark Global’s extensive network of international law firms and quantum valuation firms, with an investment criteria focusing on funding cases that meet the following requirements that include:

  • Potential for multiple ROI – targeting minimum returns of 5x to 7x
  • Efficiency – 12 months on average per case with an allowance of up to 18 months
  • Secure success – an 80% minimum threshold must be met
  • Geography – global with a focus on the Middle East, Asia and Africa, as these markets provide the opportunity for higher returns

Also in attendance at A Better Way To Invest was Laura Mann, founder and CEO of Greenpark Global. Both she and David enjoyed the opportunity to meet with investors and fielded a variety of questions from interested attendees.

Litigation funding – an alternative asset class that’s gaining traction across the globe

After David’s presentation, William Roberts Lawyers’ Robert Ishak and Oliver Gayner – both praised for their eloquence – took to the stage to explain the concept and history of litigation funding.

Described by Justice Lee of the Federal Court as “one of the leading class action firms in Australia,” William Roberts Lawyers specialises in shareholder, combustible and aristocrat class actions. Robert and Oliver explained how funders conduct due diligence on each claim to work out:

  • Whether it is likely to succeed
  • Whether it has been valued correctly
  • Whether the defendant can pay, and if will they settle

They went on to outline how funders determine whether a case is worth the risk by calculating Net Present Value (NPV), understanding how much finance investors are willing to risk, and exploring what return would justify that risk.

Covering everything from due diligence process to management during the life of the case and distribution of proceeds, this was a well-received presentation. And the panel session that concluded the day was incredibly informative, with detailed answers to complex questions provided by our experts.

Find out more about lucrative alternative opportunities and our luxury events this year

Our 2024 A Better Way To Invest event series has got off to a flying start – with investors impressed by our attention to luxurious details and drawn to litigation funding opportunities that combine strong revenues with controlled risk.

The good news? There’s plenty more where that came from! We’re returning to Beau-Rivage to host further events where our other provider partners will take centre stage – giving you the chance to unlock exciting opportunities exclusively available via Hays Mews Capital.

Elena Schaffter
Elena Schaffter

Elena Schaffter

Director, Fixed Income Division

Interested in finding out more about future events and alternative investment opportunities exclusively available via Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division? Use the link to book a slot in my diary.

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