Introducing Pierre-Noël Formigé – Senior Adviser to the Board

Introducing Pierre-Noël Formigé – Senior Adviser to the Board

Elena Schaffter

Elena Schaffter  -  12th April 2024

Our commitment to due diligence shines through every area of our work – so it gives us huge pleasure to announce that we’ve appointed Pierre-Noël Formigé as Senior Adviser to the Board. Leveraging 30 years’ experience, Pierre-Noël provides strategic advice on institutional sales, corporate governance, financial regulation, brand development and more – adding a further layer of excellence to our expanding team.

Dispelling alternatives misconceptions: Pierre-Noël is the “perfect addition” to our team

Pierre-Noël Formigé, Senior Adviser to the Hays Mews Capital BoardRecent financial market turmoil has cemented alternatives as an integral element of investor portfolios – today, they’re broadly acknowledged to enhance performance, boost diversification and reduce overall risk. Despite this, the poor reputation and suspicion that traditionally surrounded the alternative investment market has lingered in Switzerland.

With a commitment to due diligence and sourcing best-in-class alternative investments, Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division is already dispelling this misconception – and the appointment of Pierre-Noël as Senior Adviser to the Board is set to continue that trajectory. “With his extensive experience and expertise, Pierre-Noël adds an additional layer of authenticity and confidence – both in our brand and in the fixed-income products that we source,” explains Co-Founder Director Joel Colman.

“Director Elena (Schaffter)’s meticulous approach to due diligence ensures that only top-tier alternative investments from quality providers make it to institutional and qualified investors in Switzerland and beyond,” continues Mark Butcher, also Co-Founder Director. “Further demonstrating our commitment in this area, Pierre-Noël is the perfect addition to the team – with him onboard, I’m excited about the development and direction of our Swiss division.”

Financial consultant and entrepreneur, Pierre-Noël unites extensive experience and expertise

With expertise in regulated asset management, wealth management and governance, Pierre-Noël is an entrepreneur and financial consultant who has served on numerous boards. His diverse skill set also encompasses securitisation, fintech, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and fundraising.

After starting out at Merrill Lynch in London, Pierre-Noël worked at Coutts Bank in Geneva before establishing his business, SEQUOIA Group SA, in 2000. On selling in 2019, Pierre-Noël launched an investment and corporate governance consulting enterprise. In addition, he’s an active investor in multiple sectors – finance, healthcare, fintech, renewable energy and securitisation, for example.

As Adviser to the Board, Pierre-Noël will consult on a broad range of strategic issues – from corporate governance to institutional sales and administration. Ensuring that we uphold best practice and adhere to Swiss business process and etiquette in every area of our work, he’s already become an integral member of the team.

With Pierre-Noël onboard, we’re engaging and expanding our network in Switzerland and beyond

So, what does Pierre-Noël think about joining the Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division?

“Alternative investment specialists like Hays Mews Capital are unusual in the Swiss market,” enthuses Pierre-Noël. “I’m excited to work with Elena, Joel and the team to strengthen trust in our brand and expand our network – and to demonstrate our commitment to due diligence and high-performing fixed-income bonds.”

The Swiss branch of Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division was launched in 2023 and has gone from zero to over $25 million in AUM in just 6 months – and that figure is set to increase significantly by the end of 2024. “By introducing meticulously sourced alternative fixed-income bonds to investors using our events model, we’re bringing a better way to invest to the region,” concludes Mark. “Pierre-Noël will be an integral part of our success in 2024 and beyond.”

Elena Schaffter
Elena Schaffter

Elena Schaffter

Director, Fixed Income Division

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