Why Choose Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division?

Why Choose Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division?

Joel Colman

Joel Colman  -  1st September 2023

1. Small and friendly, our service revolves around you

When it comes to investing strategy and client service, bigger doesn’t always mean better. In fact, based on our experience, the opposite is often true. Our founding team have worked in large investment banks and wealth management companies. And that’s given us some fantastic experience. But we wanted to do something different with Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division.

As a smaller, boutique specialist, we’re not restricted to mass-market investments. Instead, we have the freedom to search for quality, harder-to-find opportunities across a range of asset classes.

What’s more, we’re committed to delivering exceptional personal service that revolves around your needs. We’re warm and friendly in all our dealings. And we give you direct access to senior members of the team, as standard. In short, our boutique approach sets us apart.

2. Our (highly selective) screening process

Leveraging our extensive experience, we scour the globe to find the best short-term, high-yield investments. And we go to great lengths to ensure we only partner with quality providers who meet our high standards.

First, we look for companies operating in an industry that’s both stable and has the potential for growth – it’s crucial that we understand any sector-specific trends as well as the regulatory environment in which the business operates.

Next, we analyse potential partners’ accounts. We’re looking for companies with a long-standing track record, so we need insight on both current and historical financial health – we’re also assessing creditworthiness and ability to generate revenue. To minimise risk, we look for companies who have never defaulted on a payment and those with at least $500 million in assets.

And we’re picky when it comes to people. We seek out businesses whose board of directors have hundreds of years’ combined experience. And for an added layer of protection, we look for products with robust security structures – a security trustee from a tier one jurisdiction, for example, as well as performance guarantees.

3. Handpicking investment opportunities

As an independently owned company, we’re not tied to a particular product or asset type. However, the investment opportunities we recommend do have a few things in common:

  • They provide high yields of up to 18% per annum
  • They have a short timeframe – typically 1 to 3 years
  • They’re asset backed
  • They deliver a choice of interest (coupon) payment options – monthly, quarterly or biannual
  • Alternative – so they’re not tied to stock market performance
  • Robust security measures – such as security trustees, performance guarantees, debentures and first legal charges

And we don’t just source opportunities. We delve into your financial circumstances and goals before matching to you a short-term product that’s aligned to your objectives.

4. We tell it how it is

Are you totally over formal language made practically incomprehensible with jargon? Looking for a bit of plain talking when it comes to your investment portfolio?

At Hays Mews Capital Alternative Investment Division, we’re committed to clear communication. We always explain the terms we use in simple language. And we’re completely transparent at every stage of the investment process.

Because of that – and the success of the solutions we recommend, of course – clients invest with us, time after time.

5. Giving you a better way to invest

It’s always important to have diverse and secure investments as part of a balanced portfolio. But when you consider the current financial climate – turbulent, with high inflation – those consistent, steady returns are a must-have.

Combining healthy growth with a regular income and low risk, our short-term opportunities offset your riskier stock market investments, giving you a better way to invest.

Joel Colman
Joel Colman

Joel Colman

Co-Founder Director

I’d love to tell you more about how our boutique, alternative opportunities help high-net-worth individuals plan for the future with confidence. For a free, no-obligations chat at a time that suits you, please use the link below.

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